Founded in 1950 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Sellita has a long tradition in assembly as well as in design and manufacture of quality mechanical movements. Over the years Sellita has managed to become a vital pillar of the Swiss watchmaking industry.


Product of a strong corporate vertical structure, Sellita has in-house control over all the essential stages of the design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical movements. Sellita has its own movement-blank factory (Gurofa) as well as its own electroplating and decoration business (Technicor). Sellita’s expertise extends even to the design and manufacture of the regulating organ, in other words, the heart of the mechanical movement.

Swiss Made

More than just a geographical background, to Sellita, the term Swiss Made means a promise of quality and reliability.


Proud of its independence, Sellita caters for all brands and treats all its clients on equal terms.


Aware of the need to work for clients who themselves are sometimes competitors, Sellita maintains the strictest confidentiality to best preserve the interests of its various clients.


Sellita is constantly committed to responding to the specific needs and expectations of every client.


The guarantee of quality, Sellita’s rigor is reflected in the excellence of its products and its services.

Innovation and state-of-the-art technology

Sellita is innovative in a number of areas. This innovation covers both the design of new machines, the process of manufacture and assembly, and, of course, the product itself. Sellita has state-of-the-art research and production equipment at its disposal and is unceasing in its optimization of products and production processes. To this end, Sellita has several engineering departments as well as two in-house laboratories, one of which is dedicated to chemical analysis and control of materials.

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